English at Wolfgarten!

Learning English today means combining classroom fundamentals with the world around us. We are a dynamic team of Austrians and Americans who value informed methods and collaboration.  And because we are a blend of native and non-native speakers of both English and German, we are uniquely positioned to encourage linguistic, cognitive, and academic skills to foster critical thinking. 

Bild entfernt.We demand excellence from students in the classroom but we also love exploring!   From English-language theater performances at the Kulturzentrum in Eisenstadt, to field trips to Vienna (e.g.,  “A Christmas Carol” or a lecture at the U.S. Embassy) to cross-disciplinary excursions to neighboring countries (e.g., a Geography/English project with a partner school in Bratislava), Wolfgarten is there.   One annual highlight is the 4th form (4. Klasse) intensive language week in Dublin, Ireland or Edinburgh, Scotland.  Here, local host families and a language school host an unforgettable week of learning and growth.  

We also enjoy further native speaker support from U.S. Teaching Assistants, who provide invaluable cultural insights and genuine speaking practice.